Goodwill ERP consists of the following key modules:

  • Business Intelligence Tools — Report and manage the performance of your enterprise business processes. Support Jasper Report and Mondrian OLAP Services, have KPI (Dashboard) and Workflow Control Management.
  • Procurement Management — Automate the steps from requisition to payment.
  • Sales Management — Create quotes, book orders, manage materials, generate invoices and collect cash.
  • Material Management — Manage inventory receipts, shipments, moves and counts across your warehouses, suppliers and customers. Support Lot/Serial and multi-attributes control and with locator design for each warehouse location.
  • Manufacturing — Support BOM, assembly production, replenishment, and job costing.
  • Financial Management — One system automates your processes and manages your financial records. Support bank reconcilliation and asset management.
  • Project Management — Project Financial management, planning and execution. Track costs associated with multi-phase projects.
  • CRM — Manage your contact activity, request and schedule. Support sales force automation and business partner management.
  • Point of Sale — Automate cash sales and inventory management.

Coming soon:

  • Mobile Smartphone User Interface — Increased productivity and better decisions - grab and retrieve up-to-date information whenever you need.
  • Human Resource Management - Manage your human resource activity and payroll system.

Key Features:

  • End-to-end integrated web-based solution
  • Multiple : Organization, Currency, Accounting and Tax
  • Role based access
  • Flexible Import and Export
  • Platform Independent
  • Highly customizable